Branded SMS in Pakistan

Branded SMS in Pakistan Will Be Offered to Customers Who Wish To spread Information To A Large Group Of People Within A Short Period Of Time‚ Be It Their Customers, Internal Staffs and group members.
Customer will instantly recognize who the message is from A Sender ID will allow your company name to appear when they first receive the message. This helps with Boost your brand recognition.
Ideal for SMS Marketing:
Send Bulk SMS is a great way to convey message to a large number of customers, co-worker, and group in a short time. You can send thousands of messages, you can be sure they’ll be delivered and read. It’s great for advertising campaigns which are time sensitive.
Boost Brand Recognition with a Sender ID:
Sender ID is the name the message appears to be from on the recipient’s phone. With Directory92 you are able to change this to any name of your choosing, using up to 11 alphanumeric characters.
Branded SMS often called as Corporate SMS or Corporate SMS Marketing Service allows you to slect your Sender ID upto 11 characters.
Message Reporting:
Once you have sent your messages, you will instantly be able to see the status of them. 
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Why Branded SMS:
  • No expensive phone calls
  • Reduce printing cost and save time
  • Increase the brand value
  • Relay Urgent Messages.
  • Send updated promotion to your customers
  • Remind Your Customers Of Appointments Or Overdue Accounts.
  • Notify Your Customers Of Item Availability Or Special Offers.
  • Promote Your Latest Special Offer Or New Products/Services.
  • Send Confirmations By SMS
  • No Hidden Cost


Quick Look on Features
5 Network Delivery
Per SMS Flat Rate
3 Month Expiry
Multi SMS Masking
Manage Contacts
Manage Groups
Save SMS
Http API
Reseller Panel Available